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Article Import Scripts


MemberSpeed Article Manager - Article Import Scripts


Our Article Import Scripts for MemberSpeed (formerly CMS Infusion) Article Manager have been fully tested and implemented on Mega Music Talent which is currently using the CMSI Article Management plug-in. However, No warranty is expressed or implied. There is no guarantee they will work under your specific server configuration.

Test Configuration:
PHP Version 4.4.8
Server: Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux)
MySQL Version 5.0.32
MemberSpeed v2.01
CMSI Article Management Plug-In

Test these PHP scripts thoroughly under your unique system and web server configuration before releasing in a live traffic environment. BJC Computer Services is not liable for damage or data errors which may be caused while integrating these scripts.

Scripts work in conjunction with iSnare Publisher and the Article Marketer distribution services. They offer content articles from thousands of authors in hundreds of article categories. You can sign up for their publisher distribution service Free of charge, or get additional information from their web sites listed above