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BJC provides custom PHP/MySQL database scripts, web site consulting, technical support, and other services for web site owners. Sale of personal computers, software, and consumer electronics are offered through select partners.

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Internet Web Services

PHP Article Import Scripts: You can get free versions of our iSnare and Article Marketer PHP import scripts from our Article Dashboard Import Scripts download page.

We also created article import scripts for Drupal, Joomla, MemberSpeed Article Manager, and WordPress! Read about how YOU can Increase Web Site Traffic with Dynamic, Keyword Rich, Article Content!

Network Solutions SSL Certificates and Seals!: Network Solutions introduced SSL Certificates and Seals last year, and they�re selling like hot cakes! Everyone knows the importance of online safety, and SSL is a must have for anyone who sells products and services directly from their Web site!

Network Solutions Weekend Only Coupon Offer:

Network Solutions Monthly Coupon Offer: Constantly Updated

Increase Web Site Traffic: If you want more traffic to your web site, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, features Geo Targeting, Campaign Budgeting, Ad Testing, Intuitive Reporting, Fast Ad Activation and Content Matching. They place ads for your business in search results on the Webs most popular destinations, enabling you to reach more customers.

Online Music/Video

iTunes Plus is DRM Free: iTunes Plus music tracks can now be used on any iPod or other digital music player, and on an unlimited number of computers! Read about iTunes Plus...

Amazon MP3 Downloads: Amazon now offers DRM-free MP3 music downloads! With over 2 million songs, more than 180,000 artists, and over 20,000 major and independent labels...
Read more about Amazon MP3 Downloads

Tax Software at

Personal Computer

Toshiba: Toshiba has a Back to School buying guide, which is available at! The guide features product ideas for both students and parents! Plus, don't miss the 12.1" Port�g� Tablet PC Laptop. This system is the ultimate tool for school. With its digital pen capabilities you can easily take notes in class or even draw a diagram and the anti-glare display ensures visibility both indoors and outdoors.

Back to School Buying Guide at!

Fujitsu Computers: Fujitsu Computer Systems offers Personal Computers for both consumer and commercial use, and, they offer business leasing! Visit the Fujitsu Computer Store directly, or view their offers using our Fujitsu Offers and Specials RSS Feed.

For Apple/MAC Users: We have teamed up with Parallels to provide you with some of the latest deals and products including Parallels Desktop for MAC

Personal Finance

Personal Finance Help: Our Personal Finance Analyzer expense analysis web site can help in reducing your monthly expenses! Online 24x7, completely FREE, TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL, it can help you reduce debt, reduce expenses, and SAVE MONEY!! If you are in a hurry, Bookmark Personal Finance Analyzer now and come back when you have time to explore and check out all the features!

Save money on Gas! Combat rising gasoline prices and save money on fuel! Even if you already have a credit card, you can use the Discover Open Road card to get Cash Back and keep fuel costs seperate from other expenses! Apply for the Discover� Open Road Card and get 5% cash back on gas and automotive purchases!

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